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Checking Your Final Grades

Instructors calculate final grades for courses at the end of each term, they then submit grades to their Chair for review and approval. Once approved, grades are sent to the Registrar’s Office to be posted on ACORN. You can log in toACORN to view your final grades by following the steps below:

  1. Login toACORN using your UTORid and password.
  2. Click on "Academic History" under theAcademicsmenu.
  3. View your detailed academic history and scroll to the bottom to view your most recent grades, and academic standing.

Check youracademic standingunderComplete Academic Historyon ACORN to know whether you are ingood standing, onprobation, orsuspension. Your academic standing will be assessed once you have attempted at least three credits. Understanding your academic performance is important, as it may directly impact the number of courses you may enrol in or whether you are eligible to enrol in courses at all.

U of T Grading Scheme

Grade Point Averages (GPA)

The average of the courses you took in your most recent semester (Fall, Winter, or Summer) is your sessional GPA. Yourcumulative GPAis the average of all the courses you have passed or failed atUTSC.

Your sessional GPA is an indication of your academic performance in any given semester that you take classes. It's essential that you use this evaluation to reflect on whether you've made good academic decisions. Some questions you may want to ask are:

  • Are you in the right program?
  • Did you take too many courses?
  • Are you working or volunteering too many hours a week?
  • Do you need to work on your study habits?
  • Are you experiencing a situation where you need help?

If you need to make some improvements, utilize student support services on campus to help you meet your short-term and long-term goals. If you're pleased with your grades, well done! Make it a habit to check your final grades at the end of each semester under Complete Academic History on ACORN.

The grading scale is listed below:

GradeGrade point valuePercentageDefinition
F0.00-49Inadequate; no credit obtained
Credit / No Credit courses
CRNo GPA impact notations for Credit / No Credit coursesCredit obtained (requires 50% or above)
NCRNo GPA impact notations for Credit / No Credit coursesNo credit obtained
NC%0.0No valueNo credit obtained
Pass / Fail courses
PNo valuePass
FL%No valueNo credit obtained

Grades of 'F', 'NC%', and 'FL%' are failing grades, yielding no standing in a course and no degree credit. A numerical score on an assignment is not deemed to be automatically equivalent to the corresponding letter grade.

Academic Standing

Once you have attempted at least 3.0 full credits (6 half courses), your academic standing is newly assessed at the end of the term based on the courses you have taken. At the end of each semester, your academic standing is newly assessed based on the courses you have taken.

Definitions of Academic Standing Statuses
Not assessedYou have attempted fewer than 3.0 credits, and have not been assessed.
Good standingYou have achieved a cumulative GPA of 1.60 or higher.
Academic probationYou have a cumulative GPA below 1.60 or are returning from an academic suspension. In your next semester, you are permitted to take up to 2.0 credits (maximum). Students enrolled in 2.5 FCE will be dropped from the most recently added course(s) until the threshold is met.
Academic probation continuesYour CGPA is below 1.60, but you have shown improvements in your last semester. You have achieved a sessional GPA of 1.60 or higher. Course load restriction is removed; you may take a standard course load if you wish.
Academic suspensionIn your most recent semester, you did not clear probation or achieve a sessional GPA of 1.60 or higher. For the term of your suspension, you are not eligible to enrol in courses. If you are enrolled in courses for the term following suspension, you will be removed. A status of academic suspension may be applied up to three times with increasing effective lengths. First academic suspension is 4 months, second is 12 months and third is 36 months in length. If your Sessional GPA remains below 1.60 after serving the 36 month suspension, you will then be reviewed as Refused Further Registration (see below).
Refused further registrationNo longer permitted to enrol at the University of Toronto. If you are enrolled in courses for the term following refusal of further registration, you will be removed.

Tips for Course Enrolment

  • Think strategically about the courses that you enrol in once you are on academic probation or academic probation continues.
  • Enrol in courses that you are confident will help you raise your GPA. At the end of each semester that you enrol in, your academic standing will be newly assessed.
  • If you are on probation, to avoid suspension you need to achieve a sessional GPA of 1.60 or better in each semester that you are registered for. If your sessional GPA falls below 1.60 you will be placed on suspension or refused further registration (if you have previously served a 36 month suspension).
  • If you are on suspension, a full refund will be issued if you enrolled in courses that began in the semester following suspension.
  • If you are worried about your standing, we strongly discourage enrolling in Y section courses that run from September to April. Your academic standing will be assessed at the end of each semester, and if you are suspended following the fall semester, you will be removed from all courses that begin or continue in January and you will not be eligible to receive a refund for any Y section courses.

Students with Petitions Pending

Academic standing is assessed based on active final grades. If a petition is approved, an SDF may be added to your record and your academic standing will be re-assessed. Updated academic standing will be displayed on your official academic record, which can be accessed on ACORN and/or Degree Explorer.

While we will make every effort to complete petition decisions in time for registration, there is no guarantee that all petitions will be adjudicated in time to impact course enrolment eligibility, therefore, students are encouraged to plan accordingly.

OSAP Recipients on Suspension

If you received OSAP or any other provincial loan funding, interest will begin to accrue on your provincial student loans in the first month after you cease full-time studies. You will be required to start repaying your loan(s) six months after your last semester as a full-time student. If you are experiencing financial difficulties in meeting your repayment obligations, there are programs that can help. For more information about your repayment options, visit the National Student Loan Service Centre.

It is very important to keep your loans in good standing. Once your return to studies after your suspension, you may reapply for OSAP or complete a continuation of interest free status form on the OSAP website to keep your loans interest free. Visit the financial aid office if you have any questions or concerns.

Implications for International Students on Suspension

A break in studies can have additional negative consequences if you are an international student; for your Study Permit, your Health Insurance (UHIP), and your access to on-campus health services.Please make an appointment with an International Student Immigration Advisor at the International Student Centre as soon as possible to discuss your situation (

Returning to Studies from Suspension

To return to your studies after your suspension, please complete the Re-Enrolment Form, which can be found on the Registrar’s Office website. You can learn more about the re-enrolment procedure here.You will return to your studies on academic probation, which means that you are permitted to enrol in a maximum of 2.0 credits. We encourage you to think carefully about the courses you select, as you will need to achieve a sessional GPA of 1.60 or better to continue your studies. You risk another suspension if your sessional GPA falls below 1.60.

You can determine your return to studies by counting the number of academic terms starting with the term following your suspended academic status. At UTSC we offer three terms per year (Fall, Winter, Summer) each term represents 4 months of the year.

For example:

4 Month Suspension (1 term)
Suspended at the end of the 2024 Summer term2024 Fall: Suspension is served (no enrolment)2025 Winter: Eligible to return to studies
12 Month Suspension (3 terms)
Suspended at the end of the 2024 Summer term2024 Fall - 2025 Summer: Suspension is served (no enrolment)2025 Fall: Eligible to return to studies
36 Month Suspension
Suspended at the end of the 2024 Summer term2024 Fall - 2027 Summer: Suspension is served (no enrolment)2027 Fall: Eligible to return to studies

Support at UTSC

There are various services at UTSC designed to support your academic success and well-being. We encourage you to use these services:

  • Academic English Health Check
  • AccessAbility Services
  • ArriveUTSC
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Financial Aid Advisors
  • International Student Centre
  • Mental Health Resources
  • UTSC Library
Your Academic Record | Office of the Registrar (2024)


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