New Academic Appointment Dates (2024)

To improve the faculty and graduate student employee experience, University leadership has approved a new set of academic appointment dates below.


Historical Academic Appointment Dates

New Academic

Appointment Dates

Nine-Month Appointment

September 1 – May 31

August 16 – May 15


September 1 – January 15

August 16 – December 31


January 16 – May 31

January 1 – May 15

Summer I

June 1 – July 15

May 16 – June 30

Summer II

July 16 – August 31

July 1 – August 15

Historically, academic appointments for faculty, teaching assistants, and instructional assistants began at the start of the fiscal year (September 1) even though classes begin in late August. To improve the faculty and graduate student employee experience, University leadership approved a new set of academic appointment dates to align appointments with the academic calendar.

The University will be implementing the new set of academic appointments dates in two phases:

  1. Effective Fall 2024, Texas State University has mandated an August 16, hire date for allNEW andREHIRED FTE (Full Time Equivalent) faculty assigned as instructor of record, teaching assistants, and instructional assistants.
  2. Effective Fall 2025,ALL faculty assigned as instructor of record, teaching assistants, and instructional assistants will begin on August 16 rather than September 1.

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  • What is changing for August 2024?

    The academic appointments for new and rehired FTE faculty, teaching assistants, and instructional assistants will begin on August 16 rather than September 1. Appointments will end on May 15 instead of May 31. This two week “shift” aligns academic appointments with the academic calendar rather than the fiscal calendar. Continuing employees will remain unchanged.

  • What are the benefits of this change?

    New and rehired faculty and graduate student employees will have active university appointments when they begin work, including:

    • Access to university systems before the start of the academic term.
    • Insurance coverage and workers compensation upon commencing employment. Please note GIA/GTA are still subject to the 60-day waiting period before medical benefits take effect.
    • Receiving first paycheck on September 1, rather than October 1.
  • What are the affected appointments for August 2024?

    1. New and rehired FTE faculty: Faculty of instruction, faculty of practice, research faculty, tenure line faculty (excludes per course faculty and phased retirement status)
    2. New and rehired graduate/ doctoral instructional assistants and graduate/ doctoral teaching assistants


    Start Dates

    FTE faculty assigned as instructor of record

    August 16

    Per course faculty

    September 1

    Graduate instructional assistants and doctoral instructional assistants (GIA/DIA)

    August 16

    Graduate teaching assistants and doctoral teaching assistants (GTA/DTA)

    August 16

    Graduate research assistants and doctoral research assistants (GRA/DRA)

    No defined start or end date

    Graduate assistants and doctoral assistants (GA/DA)

    No defined start or end date

    We acknowledge that there may be specific situations related to visas and work authorization dates that interfere with the ability to start work and be in residence on August 16. These situations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

  • How will this change in appointment dates affect paychecks?

    If you are a new or rehired faculty member with a nine-month appointment, effective August 16, your nine months of compensation will be distributed differently. You will receive your first two weeks of compensation on September 1. This paycheck will be compensation for the two weeks worked from August 16-31. Your final paycheck on June 1 will be compensation for the two weeks worked from May 1-15.

  • How will this change my Retirement Service Credit?

    Retirement service credit is used to determine eligibility for TRS retirement and retiree insurance. To earn a year of retirement service credit, Teacher Retirement System (TRS) of Texas and Optional Retirement Program (ORP) participants must have a minimum of 90 paid days during each September 1 – August 31 plan year, except for the final year before retirement. Employees paid for the full fall semester who retire December 31 will earn a year of retirement service credit. Review theTRS Service Credit Brochure for more information.

    It is possible for an eligible employee to contribute to TRS or ORP without earning a year of retirement service credit. This occurs when:

    • Employees separate prior to earning 90 paid days for the plan year and don’t retire at the end of the fall semester.
    • Unpaid time-off or leave results in fewer than 90 paid days for the plan year.
    • Faculty are only assigned for the fall semester and either don’t return for the subsequent fall semester or don’t retire at the end of the fall semester. Review table below for details.

    Benefits Eligible Employment

    Assignment Dates

    Eligible Employment for September 1, 2024 – August 31, 2025
    Plan Year

    Start Dates

    Fall Semester Only

    August 16 – December 31, 2024

    September 1 – December 31, 2024

    No credit due to fewer than 90 paid days, unless retiring December 31, 2024

    Subsequent Fall Semester

    August 16 – December 31, 2025

    August 16 – 31, 2025

    One year of credit, when combined with previous fall semester to earn 90 paid days.

  • University Holiday Pay

    The holidays below will shift to different semesters beginning in 2024 and might impact the number of holidays you are paid for each year.


    Current Semester

    New Semester

    New Year’s Day



    Memorial Day



    Independence Day

    First Summer Session

    Second Summer Session

  • Salary Spread Notification

    Employees with an 8/16-5/15 nine-month contract will not be able to elect salary spread.

  • Hourly to salary position changes

    Within SAP, an employee cannot cross payroll areas within the same calendar month (Hourly and NSNR employees are paid on the S-1 semi-monthly payroll; regular status salaried employees are paid on the monthly M-1 payroll). All hourly and NSNR employees must complete their temporary hours within the previous month of the new hire date of the regular faculty position. For example, an hourly employee must end work on July 31, to start in a new faculty position on August 16, 2024.

    All hours worked in the hourly position must be entered and approved in time management within the month earned and prior to the processing of the new appointment. If you have an employee moving from one payroll area to another - hourly to salary or salary to hourly, please contact Human Resources for guidance


Please look at the teams below and the common reasons you may need to seek guidance. Reach out with your questions as soon as possible for assistance, detailing all pertinent employee information in your emails and communications. We are happy to help!



Common reasons to contact...

Academic Affairs Budget

Request Brendan
or Joey

Academic Affairs budget/funding inquiries, stipend requests, FTE and pay calculation help and/or questions about the Faculty Salary Calculator spreadsheet, help with position management within Academic Affairs


Questions about contracts, new teaching hiring packet completion, questions about FTE and pay calculation help back-up

HR Compensation Team

Option 5

FTE and pay calculation help for faculty and graduate employees outside of Academic Affairs, stipend requests outside of Academic Affairs

HR Talent Acquisition

Option 4

Questions about faculty, staff, NSNR, and temporary hiring, job postings and recommendations for hire in PeopleAdmin, reference checks, background checks and pre-employment screening, and I-9s and E-Verify.


Option 6

What type of PCR to use, what PCR effective date to use, removal of future dated LWOP actions to initiate a separation PCR, temporary SSN requests, help with position management for divisions other than Academic Affairs

International Employment


Questions related to international employment of faculty or staff, including H1-B sponsorships and PERM process, with the exception of J-1 scholars. Email:

International Student and Scholar Services


Questions about the:
F-1 for
J-1 for visiting scholars:



Payroll Calendar
Payroll FAQ

Our office is working closely with Human Resources and Information Technology to implement these changes.

New Academic Appointment Dates (2024)


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